Eye-Patch yahoo group found me

i was discovered by an eye patch group — it was quite a thrill to get flooded by messages. thanks all for the comments!

i checked out the yahoo group: seems to be all about eye patches, mostly women who wear them. it was started by a man from japan. at first i wasn’t sure if it was some kind of fetish thing, but the moderator reassured me that everything went by him and it was legit.

this is what it said on the site:

it was created by Mr Yuuichi Shibuya in a attempt to create a group where people who wear eyepatches are considered intresting, intriguing and great looking! and not a freak like many people do.

right on mr. yuuichi shibuya!

c90d.jpgthings i learned on the site.
apparently there is a senator in colombia, named viviane morales who struts her stuff in a patch. unfortunately she lost the 2006 senatorial race. still i just love the lady pirate politician thing.

check out this music video by Smog: I Feel Like the Mother of the World.

it was posted recently on the yahoo group site — thought it was moving.

the eye injury seemed to be a metaphor of the damage that is being done to the earth. i never thought to apply this idea to me, but it surely makes me feel more important. this is chloe sevigny pretending to have an injured left eye. maybe she can play me in the movie version of my accident


if you wear an eye-patch/ prosthetic eye or are a groupy, you can join this eyepict group: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/eyepict/

tell them tanyaoneeye sent you


17 thoughts on “Eye-Patch yahoo group found me

  1. Hi Tanya.I just found ur web site.I’m still checkin in it out there’s alot of stuff here.I think U look increadably sexy with the eye patch.UR deffinetly 1 of the sexyest pirate women I’ve ever seen. 😀 R U gonna keep wearing the eye patch permentently?That would be really kool.A prostheti eye wouldn’t B kool enough 4 an artist.What R some of ur favotire music artists?Take Care Peace Out Billy 😀 P.S. I’m sorry if my typingz confusing.I just hate the english language!Please feel free 2 drop me a line NE time. dragnkid@hotmail.com


  2. Many people hesitated.

    It is safe to do nothing.

    But, nothing can be discovered.

    I want to know an eyepatch.

    I made the group.

    Many people hesitated.

    People who see judge whether it is

    good or bad.

    I want to give an opportunity.

    An eyepict group is the precious

    eyepatch information source.


  3. My beauiful wonderful friend has an awesome blog (you beat me to it!). I always knew you were a talented writer aside from being one of the greatest dancers I have ever seen. Read it all, it’s more than words, it’s poetry. Can’t wait for the next installment. Cheers.



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  5. Hello Tanya,
    I found the Yahoo site and I have to say that your photos were the most provocative I found there. Most of the other shots were most likely just people fooling around, parties, dares, etc. while your’s added a bit of mystery. Excellent use of light, shadows, positioning and so fourth. Did you create those or did you have someone else orchestrate the layout.
    Anyhow, thanks for the downloads. And I have to ask how you are doing with the new eye. I am part of another site called “lost eye” and the people there have gone through many different experiences. Personally I have setteled on a patch and all the pirate jokes that go with it.


  6. its interesting that such an invention alleviates and at the same time promote the essence of those who need and wear eye cam and or a patch. but what about those who had know idea that eye cam has disguised itself in the population among those who has no or had no idea that they were fitted for one.
    i am speaking of those who has not lost an eye.
    and this question or statement is not disrespectful of this invention nor is this statement. eye see said the blind man.


  7. that same person messaged me regarding making an eyepatch via facebook. what bothered me is that he wanted me to wear it and then provide him with a photo of me wearing it. I don’t like taking pictures of myself since I have gained weight over the years and very few pics of me exist from 2002 until present.
    Over and over he kept messaging me and when I wouldn’t he sent me this:
    You are free.
    I do not recommend an eyepatch to you.
    I like those who wear an eyepatch positively.
    My zeal to you has dropped.


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