watch out! i can see through you with my BIONIC EYE

i’m determined to get a BIONIC EYE even if it means i have to wait 40 years to digitally zoom in on my friends and family picking their noses and then emailing it to them, with a blink of the eye. if i have to wait until i’m a geezer, then so be it!

i need something to give me an edge when i’m old and gray, anyway, not to mention crack me up for hours on end.

here is what i’ve been able to find in cyber land about my cyborg future:

NASA on Bionic Eyes

Bionic eye will let the blind see (BBC Article)


2 thoughts on “watch out! i can see through you with my BIONIC EYE

  1. This bionic eye stuff is really interesting, though they say the image quality is not so great. For someone with one already working eye, that might make your vision crappier on the one hand, though you would regain some depth perception, I suppose. No doubt, someday the image quality will catch up with that of say a Canon Powershot or Hi-Def! I’d wait to buy. In the meantime, you make a kick-ass pirate chick from what I can see. I was sorry to learn of your accident and injuries (and of course I already knew of our country’s deplorable health care), but I’m so glad that you still have your life, and do you ever. You wear that well, too.

    El Arrr


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