it took me 10 months to finally upload these picts.

Read: The Early Chronicles of a Swashbuckler, journal entries immediately after the accident.


7 thoughts on “THE ACCIDENT

  1. You are very courageous.
    Famous Norman Pete told.
    Do a very disagreeable thing.
    The occurrence is not fear.
    I believe that you overcome all difficulties.
    I transmitted to your Yahoo! mail.
    Please see by all means.

    I presented music to you.



  2. Hey, I just read about the camera-eye concept you are interested in. You might want to check out these folks sometime, too:

    They’re actually working towards using cameras to directly send vision, currently at low monochrome resolution. It would be pretty interesting to see the two projects fine some middle ground for sure.

    Good luck on the camera project, though, I am sure you’ll be able to do a lot of creative and unique things with it!


  3. just wanted to say how brave and awesome I think you are. Keep following your dreams. Your actions may inspire those who are not as strong and inspiration is the most powerful gift you can give. Bravo!


  4. You are very beautiful, and that even in the pictures that you’re hurt. Unfortunate it happens to beautiful women, successful and intelligent as you.


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