in case you wanted to see my fake eye dance

which one isn’t real? fake eye dance to lhasa #1

this is very raw, i mean crude footage… more dances to come…


11 thoughts on “in case you wanted to see my fake eye dance

  1. Hello, thanks for doing this. Thanks for being unique, intelligent, lovely, cute and smart woman. That’s it, I just wanted to let u know I watch your video and I find you beautiful and funny. Gil, from Montreal, Quebec.


  2. I’m really impressed with your ability to move the prosthetic. I’m really excited about the possibility of you getting useful function out of it with mini cameras or what not. I’m not sure the technology exists off the shelf, but someone somewhere should be able to work on it. I wish I could!


  3. You are very beautiful as you are. (I know you say it is easy for me to say with my two good eyes and as an artist I may know what you may be going through). I don’t think the balance of what you want will offset the reality of what is avallable now or in the near future. Your criteria you demand is vast and what we really have now is so humanly insignificant to the work of nature. I don’t like prosthetics as it is so obvously unatural. If I shake hands with a plastic thing that mimics a hand I have a shudder of revulsion. An obvious fake gives me the truth and I look to the person and accept it. Your problem is invisible to most. It happened and was awfull but you look very good with what you have. I don’t think you will be happy with the new results. Can you adapt the art you do to the problem you have now with mono vision? I’m sure you will be better and have more success with that approach. Or be prepared for very limited results. If they can play with nerves close to your center who you are there are dangers. Don’t do it. Wait and watch.


  4. in response to Dale that is great if you see through outer appearances but the majority of people don’t. Coming from me I lost my right eye to a BB gun when I was two years old I was teased all through school and that really had an affect on me.. People do treat you different based on your appearance. I have had a prosthetic
    lens since I was thirteen and as an adult now I am very confident to go without it most of the time I don’t even give it a second thought. However I noticed that at my place of work where I work with guests I noticed I was treated different for a time that I had lost my lens and was in the process of having it replaced. My tips went down people where not as friendly.. very sad and hurtful my bad I just looks like a lazy eye but I was judged and not treated kindly. Sad to say but that is the reality of the world we live in.. I am sure Tanya knows and feels she is a beautiful person inside and out
    having a prosthetic lens gives us a little extra confidence when we are looking someone in the eyes.. when I wear it I don’t have to be reminded of my disability when they are trying to figure out what eye they should be looking in to…. I just hope you never lose a leg or a hand and need prosthetic .. I think your opinion on them would change and you would not shutter with revulsion when that prosthetic means that you don’t have to be in a wheel chair for the rest of your life and enable you to walk or do every day things with your hands that you now take for granted..


  5. I have had 1 eye since shortly after birth and my experiences were similar to cookie’s – school was absolute HELL for me and my looks have crippled my self-esteem, relationships and career. I know I am a good person inside but people are so hurtful and superficial – everyone acts according to looks and judges you for things beyond your control – it is the same as racism but it is completely socially acceptable because ugly people are never going to organize and fight it, nobody wants to admit they’re ugly even when the whole world tells them that they are. Ugly people are told they are worthless, unworthy of love, sex, respect and livelihood because of how they were born or what has happened to them(accident, disease).


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