Prototype for Eye-Cam

ALATURANGA a you tuber made this video simulating an eye-cam, an idea I’ve had for a while now. In this video the woman can record video from her eye, then upload it into her camera!

This is my next project…


15 thoughts on “Prototype for Eye-Cam

  1. Great News! “BANGALORE: Texas Instruments, the semiconductor design and manufacturing giant, in collaboration with Narayana Hrudyalaya hospital is all set to kick off clinical trials on a prosthetic eye implant that will help patients regain their eyesight. The clinical trials for the ‘bionic vision’ technology will begin by the end of 2009 under the leadership of Dr Rajani Battu. “”The device consists of a miniature camera that captures images transmitted to a processing unit and a receiver located behind the ear. The impulses from the camera are passed on to the optic nerve just like the eye would in a person with eyesight. The prosthetic functions as a cornea and directs the light into the eye. Elaborating on the technology, Dr Battu said, “Retinal prosthetics are one way to treat a host of diseases that affect the eye.” The trials will be conducted on people aged above 55 years and living within or close to the city. “MoreThat’s great news for Tanya Vlach and many others!Bionic Eye Video from Youtube.


  2. I have an artificial eye myself, AND I’m a professional videographer. I can tell that the Eye-Cam is a fake. What they are showing when you’re supposedly seeing what the Eye-Cam is seeing, is simply a shot taken by someone walking along with a small video camera. They even zoom in and out. The clarity is also a dead giveaway. No tiny camera could produce such good resolution. Also, a camera attached to an eye socket would not produce such jumpy footage.


  3. Hey guys, sorry I wasn’t more clear — this video is a simulation of an eye drive. It’s definitely not real. It just was so cool, and the idea is similar to what I want to do, so I just had to post it!


  4. With the technology the military possesses I see no reason why this request of yours should go unfulfilled.
    The Military is not ashamed of showing off their spy flies, that have both audio and visual recording and transmitting capability. Remotely controlled and powered via satellite, these flies do everything you want and more, and they come in a package that can actually fly and go undetected.

    I hope you get what you seek. Soon maybe we can plug the camera into the cortex of the brain responsible for site and return one of your missing fields of vision.




  5. This is clearly fake…

    It’s poorly made too. First of all, when she’s walking she’s zooming? NOT POSSIBLE. Second, why isn’t the eye recording her blinking? Third, the little thing she shoves into her eye socket, THEN puts into the phono jack in her camera is just too silly. Naturally it’s a fake…

    However, having said that, I’ve seen prototypes that do something much more advanced but trust me the operation is MUCH different and the eye socket doesn’t even remotely look like that. So…


  6. your idea is very good and u’ll do it 🙂 there is also the possibility to send the pictures over some sort of brain waves into the neurology center wehre pictures are created. maybe sooner or later, it’s possible at least to assist the process far enouth to regonize a full spectrum of the view angle. however take care, chears. roger ps. you are very cute girl, i like to take you out for dinner 🙂


  7. Tanya, I saw the news segment about your quest on Fox news. I will follow your story because I think you’ll get this done, and it is really cool. There are enough igenious people out there to get this done. Best of luck!


  8. RF SYSTEM lab. (RF Co., Ltd. located in Nagano, Japan) is now announcing the concept and development of the next generation capsule endoscope, “Sayaka”.


  9. You people that keep telling her and everyone else that this is fake need to first learn to read and comprehend. She says in her first statement and I quote, “a you tuber made this video SIMULATING an eye-cam”. I believe by this, she is informing us readers that this is not an actual device (yet) but a simulation of what one might work like. Excuse me but I’m no scientist here, so I could be wrong but I’m sure she knows it is not real.


  10. Hi there Tanya, I stumbled across your story from Neowin and was intrigued by it. I am in no way any sort of professional or qualified opinion but an opinion none the less and an avid technology fan.

    First off, am I on the right lines in thinking you are exploring the idea of some sort of artificial camera device embedded in a prosthetic eye linked to your brain providing the missing field of vision that your left eye would have provided?

    I think with some creative engineering and clever design this surely has to be a possibility in this day in age, but how?

    First off you have to find a camera device that is small enough to fit in your prosthetic eye design but yet is sensitive enough to match that of your other eye (remembering the fact your trying to provide the brain with a matching set of images to piece together otherwise you’ll be left with fuzzy and unclear vision – possibly worse than what you have with one eye)

    Current camera sensors are reaching 15-20 Megapixels (for the size you require) which is somewhat short of the 288 Megapixels that would be needed to provide a close match for your other eye.

    Power wouldn’t be an issue I wouldn’t have thought with some way of powering the tiny device with your body’s own electrical bio-chemistry. However the biggest challenge I can see would be the convertion of the signal produced by the camera to a format that is interpretable by your brain, this by far would be the most time consuming part of the task since as I’m sure your aware – your brain doesn’t have a USB port heh.

    Have you had any approaches from scientists or technicians ? I’m truly fascinated by the story and would love it if you could please keep me updated.



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