Tonight’s Screening @ Ninth Street, a link, and a pict.

Phoebe Tooke, Documentary Filmmaker, and I will be on a panel (along with several other filmmakers and artists) tonight at the Ninth Street Independent Film Center to talk about the process of how filmmakers & artists work together. We will be discussing the Eye-Camera project and the documentary film that Phoebe is making about it.


OCT. 7th 2010, Another Perspective: Artists Work on Screen

Screening of clips of Eye-Camera Project Documentary Directed by Phoebe Tooke.

Media ART Event

Teaser: Ninth Street’s next MediaART event is October 7th and will focus on films about artists and explore the nature of this sub-genre.

Next MediaART Series Thursday, October 7th, 2010


Ninth Street Independent Film Center
145 Ninth Street #101
San Francisco, CA 94103

Time: Doors open 7pm

Cost: $10 (all proceeds go to artists)

Tickets:  Eventbrite
RSVP:     Facebook

Why are filmmakers drawn to make films about artists from other disciplines and what are the implications of creating a piece of media about someone else’s artistic process?

Ninth Street’s upcoming MediaART event will focus on films about artists and explore the nature of this sub-genre. Artists and filmmakers will benefit from this forum, as we explore the pros and cons of collaboration; examine how to honor the artist‘s work, while maintaining a unique vision for the film; and discuss how to cultivate and leverage the value of the project for the artist and filmmaker, alike.

as promised here’s the Link:


Can’t take my eyes off of you

and the Pict:



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