June is the month of firsts and we hit the $2000 mark! Still a long way to go.

Repo Men Billboards with Red Laser Barcode

Image by David Berkowitz via Flickr

The night before a shoot with Colibrita Productions and Desktop Engineering about Cloud Computing for Parker Aerospace; I’m holled up in a Marriott in Irvine watching Repo Men, the sinister dystopic version of growing, engineering body parts and owing the private medical industry if you can’t keep up payments. An ironic way to write a post an update for my Kickstarter Grow a new eye.

Just a few personal words about this month, which has been a ridiculous life and learning curve pointing straight upwards towards the heavens. Friend’s marriage, cousin’s baby shower (first in the family), spreading the ashes of my grandparents in the San Francisco Bay, falling in passion for life, screening a short of my project through TEDxSF, launching my Kickstarter in the audience, curating an art show, and opening a gallery. Literally all in one month. With a few short days left til July it doesn’t stop; this video gig at Parker Aerospace is the first for my production company.

All  This has taken time out of working the Kickstarter. So I’m asking for your help please consider telling your friends my plight and any donation would be so greatly appreciated!




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