“Missionlandia” video piece for installation about heartbreak in the Mission District


Exhibition: “Sólo Mujeres: HOME / inside out” an interdisciplinary exhibit
Curated by: Susana Aragón and Indira Urrutia.
Location: Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts Gallery, San Francisco

March 12 – April 18, 2014.

“Kallia was Marked”

“Kallia was Marked”
Short movement video of dancer sharing her experience of being in a car accident. Xray scans float over her as she narrates the ‘psychic imprint’ her injuries caused and the fear of death.
Dimensions: 4:3 / 7min. 44 sec.
Material: Video
Year: 2012

Starring: Kalliope Kallombratsos

By: Tanya Vlach


Exhibition: “Body Language”, curated by legendary LA artist George Herms. Body Language celebrates the body as the sign supreme.
Location: Orange County Center for Contemporary Art, Santa Ana
Opening: April 5th. Runs through May 17th

“The very old man with enormous wings” has finally taken you away

“The very old man with enormous wings” has finally taken you away

“… because the majority understood that his passivity was not that of a hero taking his ease but that of a cataclysm in repose.” RIP Gabriel Garcia Marquez, may you soar above us with ‘the very old man with enormous … Continue reading

Working from home is boss

Working from home is boss

Another day at the Office. #workingfromhomeisboss #sutrotower #colevalley #lahefa #eyetanya (at EyeTanya )

Meh, the life and times of a woman trying to rebuild herself.

bavcNot the easiest day…. but let’s go back a month or so. In researching assistance programs to get a tech skill set to be able to stay and compete in San Francisco, I stumbled across an email I had received from BAVC Bay Area Video Coalition for the Media Maker Fellowship and low and behold there I was advertising their Media Maker Program. What? Did I know they were going to use this image? Did I know that the filmmakers I’ve worked with were going to apply and receive the fellowship? NO.

So I thought why not apply since they like my project so much. Painstakingly applied, spent hours working on it, spent $50 on the application, money I could have used for groceries.  But I wasn’t chosen. Meanwhile, I’ve just been selected to present at NextBerlin Conference in Germany in early May. I’ve come to realize that the support I’ve received is not local (San Francisco why do you continue to break my heart; with the exception of the tremendous Kickstarter Donors. And I will be spending the month of February dedicated to outstanding rewards and communiques.) The original image that has gotten so much traction is below, photographed by talented photographer Jonathan James, http://www.jjinla.com/. Hey Media Maker Fellowship, make sure you teach your fellows to get permission from subjects and give due credit. Pretty basic.

Thanks, Tanya aka that eye girl, the subject, the object, but clearly not a woman with a voice.

Prosthetic Eye Designed by Ocularist, William Danz

Prosthetic Eye Designed by Ocularist, William Danz
Photo by Jonathan James (http://www.jjinla.com/)






Future Updates:

Development of Prototype

Kickstarter Rewards

NextBerlin Conference in Germany

Oh and my performance teacher has given me permission to not care what anyone thinks for the next 3 weeks while I’m developing my theater piece and I’ve taken that literally. Beware the inner Vlach will be released and cause havoc in the world!


“The Heart of SF”

“The Heart of SF”

Wondering where it is… taken at 3am on the first day of 2014


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hockney inspired. quick video shot post de young visit. thanks dad! — at San Francisco Conservatory of Flowers.

woman walking, woman waiting