About Stratasys

Stratasys is the world leader in 3D printing — and its biggest fanstratasys_logo

We are passionate believers in the value and power of 3D printing, and in the change it can bring to the world.

We are makers of professional 3D printing systems and solutions. We are restless innovators. Fair but tough competitors. And nice people to do business with.

About Javelin Technologies

Javelin logo

Our 3D solutions combined with our comprehensive training and mentoring programs, high level customer service, and over 10 years of industry experience,will help your team design the best products and get them to market faster.


CAD, Software, Training, Services, 3D Printing, Reality, Simulation & Analysis

About Electronics 123


Discover the world of electronics and science with, Inc. We would like to introduce our range of products to you. We supply thousands of products to the electronic hobbyist, amateur scientist, and even OEM customers; for example: projects, kits, books, electronic components, cameras, audio recording modules, tools, wire, batteries, meters, enclosures, alarm systems, and more!

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