3D Scanning @ Techshop SF

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Welcome EyeTanya Team Members Kathryn and Phoebe!

I want to officially welcome Kathryn Robinson and Phoebe Tooke to the Eye Tanya team.

I’ve know Kathryn now for a few years, meeting in a Directing class which is where I became her fan. We ran into each other over time and I’ve always been inspired by her path and projects she works on. So I’m happy to say her spirit and strength is well needed at Eye Tanya! Bienvenidos Kathryn!

Phoebe came as a gift to me through some dear filmmaking friends of mine Natalijia Vejik and Christian Bruno. Phoebe, a documentary filmmaker with a unique vision and sense of storytelling was researching technology and the body and was recommended to check out my blog / story. She approached me about doing a documentary about my Eye-Camera project and I was relieved to have someone as grounded and focused as Phoebe. She brings her vision to the project and I’m grateful for her artistry and commitment to the project!

Lady Gaga is wearing an eyeball on her chin.

She just wants it all. … Apparently I should be working with Nick Knight, fashion photographer who is not unfamiliar to prostheses photographed Aimee Mullins in her famous Dazed and Confused cover. Mr. Knight recently directed Lady Gaga’s latest video Born This Way. The song is predictably generic pop. But Lady Gaga has certainly pushed the limits in superstar performance art. I dig the sci-fi style, – you say the word “manifesto” in this context, (Donna Harraway reference) and I’m hooked even though it doesn’t make any sense, and the mash up with reference to pop / fashion icons and dia de los muertos make-up; while mesmerizing was a bit hokey, random, and slapped on. In any case if any of you know Mr. Knight – please send him my way!

On Growing Body Parts and Organs. An interview with Rossella Scapini

On Growing Body Parts and Organs. BODY +TECH – An interview with sculptural artist, Rossella Scapini as part of (drum roll please) The How to Guide to be Human in the Future series. I discovered Rossella on my second trip … Continue reading

Artificial Retinas VS. “Miruko” the Wearable Eyeball Robot

Compare and Contrast: Friends and colleagues frequently send me info about bionic eyeballs …

NY Times

Burst of Technology Helps Blind to See


via FAYE CHAO, photographer and new collaborator

An Artificial Retina


Microchip in the Eye Seeks to Restore Vision

By Priya Ganapati

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#21. grow a new eye

(As an anniversary present to myself I decided to share this essay with you all. I wrote this last year.)

#21. grow a new eye

Last night I read that they cleaned off the matted dried blood from my face and the grass sticking out of my hair. Apparently I was repeating myself, “What happened? What happened?’ It didn’t make sense, so I asked again and again like an old woman with Alzheimer’s, and as the rescue angels swooped me up in their helicopter, all faded to black.

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WHOA! … Thank you thank you thank you!

Re: Call for Engineers, https://tanyavlach.wordpress.com/2008/11/11/call-for-engineers/

I lost my right eye in Iraq and I think it is awesome what you are doing!  You go girl!!!! I hope it all works out for you.  It is an awesome way to pave the way in technology.

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Prototype for Eye-Cam

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