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A short video: A premise, a dream of a disembodied look at loss – from footage of eyes and the road which were the last moments before a car wreck that left me with one eye and a new perspective. … Continue reading

Holy “Grow a new eye” project launch!! It’s a go!

Sitting here at the TEDXSF Alive! event at Yerba Buena Center for the arts and with minutes to spare before “Grow a new eye” Directed by Phoebe Tooke about my eye-camera project screens before an audience of 700+,  I just pushed the kickstarter launch button from my iPhone.

Hello TEDsters if you’re reading – please leave me a note!

Without further ado please check out our Kickstarter and donate!:



“Grow A New Eye” at TEDxSF Alive!

Grow A New Eye screening at TEDxSF Event

short piece Directed by Phoebe Tooke about the Eye-Camera project will be screened at the upcoming TEDxSF event ALIVE! Maximum Living as a Human this Saturday June 4th at YBCA in SF. I AM incredibly honored to be amongst the incredible minds of the TEDsters. I hope to be inspired, learn, provoked — as well as excite TEDxSF about my super eyedea!


we are launching our KICKSTARTER campaign!

When: on the same day, June 4th

Operation: Engineer Eye-Camera

Deadline: Winter of 2011 … If the end of the world is truly going to happen in 2012 I want to record it with my brand spanking new eye.

If you are a twitterer, keep a look out for #growaneweye !

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TEDxSF Event: ALIVE! Maximum Living as a Human

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