Grow a New Eye, SF! Tonight.

24 hours to go! SF Event tonight! and 1 million updates yet to come.

Thanks to you and the generous donation of Square Enix, of Deus Ex Human Revolution fame (more on that later), a couple of large donations by Individuals, and countless of donations from all over the world — we made our Kickstarter goal, meaning we will be able to fund the development of the prototype of an eye-camera.- but again this is the minimal for just stage one of building the prototype. We definitely need more than 100k for it to be a viable device! So we need to keep raising money!

But we are so incredibly thrilled we reached our Kickstarter goal! There are still 24 hours to go and we are hoping to raise over 1K to reach a 20K mark. Besides helping create a sustainable enterprise; this will go to planning other aspects of EyeTanya’s transmedia mission: Interactive Website (A Bionics and Healing Resource for the Visually Impaired & Disabled,) Graphic Novel,  Experimental Documentary, Interactive performances, ETC.

Read our latest Kickstarter update here:

There are so many things to update you all about. But there hasn’t been time for me to sit down and blog – I guess that’s a good thing when life takes you galloping and all you have are the reigns, and the knowledge at some point you will have time for a breather and reflection. But the meantime, I’m back from a brief stint in NY just in time for
our GROW A NEW EYE, SF event tonight! In our final 24 hour window we want to celebrate with you tonight before the deadline tomorrow!


The evening is guaranteed to stir the imagination. There will be music, video installations, film screenings and heated discussions about the possibilities and limitations of technology on the human body.

Live Streaming

The Retro-Future Experience with performances by

Project Agora

Haggai Cohen Milo


Entry is via donating on Kickstarter. If you have already backed the project on our Kickstarter campaign at the $25 level or higher, your name will be on the Will Call list.

To purchase a ticket in advance, back our project at the $25 level or highter at:

All walk-ins are welcome but you will be asked to contribute via Kickstarter at the door! Of course if you want to pay cash only – we won’t turn you away!

To learn more about Tanya Vlach, and her personal story visit

Follow on Twitter: @TanyaVlach @EyeTanya


June is the month of firsts and we hit the $2000 mark! Still a long way to go.

Repo Men Billboards with Red Laser Barcode

Image by David Berkowitz via Flickr

The night before a shoot with Colibrita Productions and Desktop Engineering about Cloud Computing for Parker Aerospace; I’m holled up in a Marriott in Irvine watching Repo Men, the sinister dystopic version of growing, engineering body parts and owing the private medical industry if you can’t keep up payments. An ironic way to write a post an update for my Kickstarter Grow a new eye.

Just a few personal words about this month, which has been a ridiculous life and learning curve pointing straight upwards towards the heavens. Friend’s marriage, cousin’s baby shower (first in the family), spreading the ashes of my grandparents in the San Francisco Bay, falling in passion for life, screening a short of my project through TEDxSF, launching my Kickstarter in the audience, curating an art show, and opening a gallery. Literally all in one month. With a few short days left til July it doesn’t stop; this video gig at Parker Aerospace is the first for my production company.

All  This has taken time out of working the Kickstarter. So I’m asking for your help please consider telling your friends my plight and any donation would be so greatly appreciated!

“If you see something that’s not possible, make it possible”

Thanks Mick Ebeling for this (I’m a huge fan of the remarkable EyeWriter Project) …  gearing up for my Kickstarter video fundraising pitch for my Eye-Camera. Working on the structure, trying not to be afraid, tapping into my passion and creativity. Editing, Editing, Editing.  Looking for inspiration where I can get it  —- Battle Cry!