Grow a New Eye, SF! Tonight.

24 hours to go! SF Event tonight! and 1 million updates yet to come.

Thanks to you and the generous donation of Square Enix, of Deus Ex Human Revolution fame (more on that later), a couple of large donations by Individuals, and countless of donations from all over the world — we made our Kickstarter goal, meaning we will be able to fund the development of the prototype of an eye-camera.- but again this is the minimal for just stage one of building the prototype. We definitely need more than 100k for it to be a viable device! So we need to keep raising money!

But we are so incredibly thrilled we reached our Kickstarter goal! There are still 24 hours to go and we are hoping to raise over 1K to reach a 20K mark. Besides helping create a sustainable enterprise; this will go to planning other aspects of EyeTanya’s transmedia mission: Interactive Website (A Bionics and Healing Resource for the Visually Impaired & Disabled,) Graphic Novel,  Experimental Documentary, Interactive performances, ETC.

Read our latest Kickstarter update here:

There are so many things to update you all about. But there hasn’t been time for me to sit down and blog – I guess that’s a good thing when life takes you galloping and all you have are the reigns, and the knowledge at some point you will have time for a breather and reflection. But the meantime, I’m back from a brief stint in NY just in time for
our GROW A NEW EYE, SF event tonight! In our final 24 hour window we want to celebrate with you tonight before the deadline tomorrow!


The evening is guaranteed to stir the imagination. There will be music, video installations, film screenings and heated discussions about the possibilities and limitations of technology on the human body.

Live Streaming

The Retro-Future Experience with performances by

Project Agora

Haggai Cohen Milo


Entry is via donating on Kickstarter. If you have already backed the project on our Kickstarter campaign at the $25 level or higher, your name will be on the Will Call list.

To purchase a ticket in advance, back our project at the $25 level or highter at:

All walk-ins are welcome but you will be asked to contribute via Kickstarter at the door! Of course if you want to pay cash only – we won’t turn you away!

To learn more about Tanya Vlach, and her personal story visit

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Lady Gaga is wearing an eyeball on her chin.

She just wants it all. … Apparently I should be working with Nick Knight, fashion photographer who is not unfamiliar to prostheses photographed Aimee Mullins in her famous Dazed and Confused cover. Mr. Knight recently directed Lady Gaga’s latest video Born This Way. The song is predictably generic pop. But Lady Gaga has certainly pushed the limits in superstar performance art. I dig the sci-fi style, – you say the word “manifesto” in this context, (Donna Harraway reference) and I’m hooked even though it doesn’t make any sense, and the mash up with reference to pop / fashion icons and dia de los muertos make-up; while mesmerizing was a bit hokey, random, and slapped on. In any case if any of you know Mr. Knight – please send him my way!

Blogapathy be gone!

I bet you’re wondering whatever happened to that one-eyed loca? Did she get lost on the subway of social networking sites and couldn’t find her way back? Did she get overwhelmed with taking on a zillion other projects, laboring over grants, art exhibitions, and life struggles? Did her heart flutter and get seduced? Did she live so hard that all she could do for days was play scrabble and watch Swedish films on her Netflix queue? Was she in Egypt and with her Eye of Horus helping the revolution along in the Arab World? Yes, but only in spirit!

All the while I’m sure what you really want to know is there any progress on putting that camera in her fake eye!!!! Where are all the posts about “One-Eyed Femme Fatales and Sci-Fi Vixens,” which won by the way in the poll that you monoculars voted on last year: What does your non-seeing eye desire? “The ‘Eyeborg’. Has anyone asked where he got his name? hmm.” landed a close second, but alas there is only one winner. And what about Wafaa Bilal and his camera that got infected in the back of his head? Where are the fashion critiques on the eye-patch that adorns Jeff Bridges character, Rooster in True Grit? Yuuichi what do you think??

here are all the rants and updates Vlach?

Well I’ve been busy, and not blogging obviously – I was overwhelmed with what “an audience” wanted from me.
I started to get away with why I started this thing in the first place which was originally called “One-Eyed”. A forum to make sense of it all – to poke fun – to redefine – to empower. It originally was for me to get through the trauma and find a new me ~ then miraculously you came in swarms with so many moving and remarkable stories, I couldn’t keep up. I was so impressed, I thought who wants to hear about my silly ideas when there are so many amazing yous. I believe that it is easy to drown in all the voices when they flood in, and I forgot my voice. So, tralala! I’m belting it out again — it might be crude and monocular but it’s mine.


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What it means to be human in a changing world.

A new series of articles about the affects of technology on our bodies, our consciousness, and ultimately our species as a whole. *** Warning this post contains a poll.

An how-to guide on staying sane, real, and human in a technological world present and future.


Benedict Campbell on Sexy Cyborgs of the Future

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#21. grow a new eye

(As an anniversary present to myself I decided to share this essay with you all. I wrote this last year.)

#21. grow a new eye

Last night I read that they cleaned off the matted dried blood from my face and the grass sticking out of my hair. Apparently I was repeating myself, “What happened? What happened?’ It didn’t make sense, so I asked again and again like an old woman with Alzheimer’s, and as the rescue angels swooped me up in their helicopter, all faded to black.

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I am not a starfish.

You breathe, you cry. You grow and smile. You build, you love. And then what? We are organisms and are destined to retire.

Body, flesh, microchips, networks — do these things go together?

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Aimee Mullins on the future and art of prosthetics

What is exciting me so much right now is that by combining cutting edge technology, robotics, bionics; with  age old poetry we are moving closer to understanding our collective humanity.
She took the words right out of my mouth.im00345
Aimee Mullins is an amputee (you would never know in the video below)  her redefining photo with Nick Knight has been a great inspiration to me (Right).  Please listen to her speech it is exceptional and moving; it is about redefining disability, and understanding the depth of humanity. While I may not share her height or speed I share her artistic vision. And I dream that one day soon I will have my own bionic vision.

The conversation with society has changed profoundly in this last decade. It is no longer a conversation about overcoming deficiency. It is a conversation about augmentation. It’s a conversation about potential. A prosthetic limb doesn’t represent a need to replace loss anymore. It can be as a symbol that the wearer has the power to create whatever it is they want to create in that space so people that society once considered to be disabled can now become the architects of their own identities, indeed to continue to change those identities by designing their bodies from a place empowerment. What is exciting me so much right now, is that by combining cutting edge technology, robotics, bionics; with the age old poetry we are moving closer to understanding our collective humanity. I think if we wanted to discover the full potential in our humanity we need to celebrate those heart breaking strengths and those glorious disabilities that we all have.   … I think of Shakespeare’s Shylock. ‘If you prick us do we not bleed, and if you tickle us do we not laugh.’ It is our humanity and all the potential within it makes us beautiful.

~Aimee Mullins from her speech “How my legs give me super-powers” at the Ted Conference 2009